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Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
I think there are several of us who fell in love with the factory rally bike through actually riding it or just seeing it in action...who now want something similar in the normal version. I think the suspension that the factory bike starts with is just better out of the box and more tuneable. The rear shock is different as are the forks and even the frame is different on that bike. The closest out of the box is probably a set of SXS forks and maybe an Ohlins shock ...if there is one that fits the frame...probably a $4000 package before tuning.

I agree, pretty much different motorcycles that are sharing a few components and a KTM badge. If I recall correctly the RR frame has a few less cross braces in a few areas. With the fixed and dynamic mass locations, weight and suspension being rather different the semi common area is the engine. Even at that the 700cc RR race spec engine behaves differently than the 08 short stroke 654cc

Crankshaft went the SXS fork route. I've chatted with him about this change. After doing a bit of research about the differences of close/open chamber forks, I am going to stay away from the closed twin chamber forks for this application.

My goal is going to be setting it up in "soft desert" trim (245lb rider weight) with clickers set at mid positions to deal with the broad range of DS type work the bike will be doing. I believe the best way for me to get there is to run higher rate springs both front and rear (.56-.58 front, 9.2-9.5 rear) with associated damping changes (soften compression, increase rebound bases). The hope is that when I get off into the local single track and jeep trails I can pull back the dials enough to get it close to a "stiff trail" setup. I might even take a look at the RR fork clamp assembly on Steve's RR to see if the offset and total trail is different. That might be interesting to know.....
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