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Anything is doable if you've got the time, the power density on a typical outboard engine is not that great though, I would look towards a snowmobile or jetski engine, usually more power per cc and already have the proper orientation...likely just as or even cheaper than an outboard.

I'd thought of something like that running at torque-a-verter setup, or even an automatic atv transmission, would make a fairly interesting drag or short trip streetbike.

I know an old man who pulled the worn out engine out of his old cb350 that had been sitting for the past 40 years and bolted in a p2 caterpillar diesel trash pump engine along with an torque-a-verter from a trencher or something, said it tops out at 70mph and gets about 120mpg lol.

Anything is possible, it's all time and resources, I'd really like to build a street legal briggs powered bike, done quite a few dirtbikes with them, had a suzuki 50 that'd top out around 50 with an 8 horse briggs lol.
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