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I looked into a couple yrs ago of plating and keeping a bike in Oregon, they had at the time an OK for out of state people to plate a bike, something about for part time residents. AZ probably has a similar gig, you will likely need some sort of US address, mailbox R-Us works
oregon has mandatory insurance for MC's, Washington state doesnt. but wow is it a lot cheaper then you'se are paying.
ya pay in other areas though...
I have thought about this a bit and I can see a potential problem. If you primarily plate a bike in state A and primary residence and primary place you ride the bike is state B (and/or C) then I can see them freaking a bit. In addition your insurance company may dislike that because the actuary tables are based on you being where it was insured not the place you are mostly riding it, thus they want more money to cover the risks.
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