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Again thanks for the ideas
I may have been a bit off on some of my dimensions. Between measuring, changing and riding, then posting here, a few numbers got skewed. My track is actually "about 50 inches", it changes with the toe I set. I have a lead of 9.5 inches give or take an 1/8th My wheel base is 58.75 inches which puts the lead any where between 8 3/4 and 11 3/4 if my math is correct I picked 9.5 to start with ( guessing) but didn't really build in any adjustment. My bad. I didn't even think that the head shake would be an issue just pulling or turning issues. I did notice in my circles I did out front of the house. ( the Neighbours get quite a kick out of me, MGB testing you realize) That it really changed how the unit felt after each change, kind of what I expected to deal with. (Notice how the name has changed to Unit) I was quite careful to make sure the Car frame and wheel were level and vertical after each change I made. I have re-thought my mounts and can invest a bit more time in this project before I give up, ( It took 20 years with the Old MGB before we broke the hill record where we run ) Unless I find the perfect GS in the next week or so Then I will bundle the whole shabang up and take it to some one who knows what they are doing. Baring that I will also plan on a steering dampener. I believe that the car is pushing the tug around and due to the lightness of the bike, there is just no mass to counter act this action, with the trail of the bike also reacting to the push of the car. It just becomes more than I can control. Can you say Shopping cart.
Thanks for the offer Jay I may be in touch. I also took all the ASE levels, no real need for me as I am a Red Seal Mechanic here in Canada but it was offered and I wanted to test my self. And Yes the B GT is quite a beast, 450 hp in a 2200 lb chassis, No head shake but the rear wants to pass the front when you get on the gas
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