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Originally Posted by XL-erate View Post
One other thing you might want to consider in the equation, Brian: many people have claimed somewhat amazing differences in handling and shake by juggling tire pressures. A major change higher followed by a similar amount of change to lower pressures may be worth looking into. In any event, the higher pressure on bike front tire may make steering lighter. Also there's 3 tires to play with independently so that broadens the possibilities.
Thanks I have read that but didn't think to try it. Caught up in the mechanical aspect. Speaking of which, what year, type of VW does the dampener come from, I am assuming older beetle. Year?? 90 degree plain from the fork?? I was also thinking, even though I have jumped on, tugged, pushed etc. my mounts on the bike, that flex there could be a culprit. I do have them separately built and they are solid to look at but once the force of the car is against them. hmmm so many things to think about, finding it a bit of a fun exercise but it is taking a bit too much of my time.
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