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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
No, He is a Dumb-sider.
Open your eyes!

D-siders dangerously force car tyres onto incompatible motorcycle rims often using air pressure at levels warned against in tyre industry standards.


Tire Mounting

Danger: Only specially trained persons should mount tires. Improper mounting can cause tire explosion and serious injury.

Follow these mounting precautions:

  • Wear approved eye protection.
  • Clean and lubricate beads and rim.
  • Centralize rim band and tube to prevent pinching if tube-type rim. *Note directional arrows on sidewall where applicable.
  • Lock assembly on mounting machine or place in safety cage before inflating to seat beads.
  • Set air hose relief valve at 40 psi.
  • Use extension gauge and hose with clip-on air chuck. Stand back with no part of your body within the perimeter of the assembled tire and rim.
  • Inflate with core in valve stem.
  • Never inflate above 40 psi to seat beads.*
  • Spin wheel to check bead seating and alignment.
  • *If the beads do not seat by 40 psi, deflate and repeat above procedures. Never use a volatile substance or rubber "donut" to aid bead seating. If the tire is a tube-type, deflate and reinflate after seating to prevent tube wrinkles.
  • For 15-inch motorcycle replacement tires, never mount on a 15-inch diameter passenger car tire rim. Passenger car and motorcycle rims actually differ in diameter.
  • Never mount passenger car tires on motorcycle rims.
Since that looked like a car-style rim on the rear of that BMW, its unlikely that the safety limit of 40psi was exceeded in the process of mounting the tyre.

In contrast I read a post where an actual D-sider boasted of using 100psi to force a CT to seat on a motorcycle rim.
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