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Thanks Ray. This is what I thought myself, too. Why did I ask it was because SR43A camshaft is still available as Suzuki original part. While SR42A camshaft is superceded and replaced by SR43B type camshaft AFAIK.
I have DR800 SR42B and the idea was to release some more potential from the engine with less restrictive "A"-model camshaft.

If you know of any reason why these two (SR42B engine and SR43A camshaft) should NOT be joined together in holy DR Big, speak now, or... I may be screwed

I think I've read in German Big forum (with the help of google translator) someone had SR43 camshaft in SR41 for a year without problems, so it should be working fine in SR42, too.

BTW the 106mm pistons are not ready yet. I have no idea why it is taking so long. Or maybe its just me being impatient.
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