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Perhaps it's a good time to discuss this publicly rather than ask mait in private

To add up to his question:

Since my camshaft is worn beyond recognition (ok, i may be exaggerating a bit here) and I am still considering multiple options on what to do with it. Does anyone of you know if one can use a brand new SR43A camshaft (12711-31D00 ) on a SR43B (in a perfect world the camshaft should be 12711-31D10) bike with SR43B CDI (32900-31D10) (again, in a perfect world A camshaft should go with A cdi (32900-31D00))? That is taking in mind the differences between the camshafts and cdi (different timing).

PS as an alternative, I am considering using local camshaft restoration services from a reliable shop, they do that for 72 eur (that includes restoration of camshaft and 2 rocker arms). On the downside - I don't think i would be sleeping as calmly with this restoration as with HRT services, but the difference in price (and transport) is playing a big role here.
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