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Stop at the end of my street, getting ready to turn right onto the main road. A cement truck is lumbering up the hill from my right, too close to pull out so I let him pass and pull out behind him.

One block later I see a black Dodge pick-up dart out from the right on the next cross street...and stop as he realizes he is about to literally get creamed by a cement truck. The cement truck locks it up trying to stop, I can see the tail end of the black truck sticking out just to the right of the cement truck as that big beast shudders and squals to a stop, smoke coming off the tires.

I reckon the cement truck stopped about a foot or two from the side of that Dodge truck.

I hope the driver of that Dodge knows how to get poo stains off of a car seat....

I've heard the term "Looks like it got run over by a cement truck"..I never expected to almost witness it literally happen.
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