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Originally Posted by dholaday View Post
It's been said earlier in this thread but it's worth repeating: When choosing a wire gauge consider not just the amps a device will pull, but also the TOTAL length of the run - i.e., from battery to device to ground.

On a sidecar rig, that could be 15 feet or more.

Note also that the chart DRONE posted [and that was included in my link in first post] is for American Wire Gauge - AWG is a little more robust than automotive SAE gauge wire.

You might also choose to use marine wire - it comes in AWG and the strands are tinned to better resist corrosion; again, a little more robust than plain copper strands.

I'm considerably more conservative than DRONE when it comes to wiring - I'll move to one size larger [or maybe even 2 sizes] than recommended just for my peace of mind . The difference in cost is negligible.

Ask The Google for marine wire - there are LOTS of sources, including Amazon :-)

One of the things I still haven't figured out is what adding a bunch of additional stuff to the bikes OEM wiring does, if anything.

Hi Duncan..

Rest assured that your rigs accessories are totally isolated from the BMW Canbus system...all accessories are ALL wired directly from the battery protected by a Centech fuse box. Nothing is borrowed from the the bikes system...!

The only OEM plug that is still dedicated to the Canbus system is the BMW plug underneath your seat...which is never used...anything over 5 amps..Canbus will trigger a shut off. Connections to the taillight for Sidecar stop lights and/or running lights are send there via a relay that is again powered straight from the battery.

All of these are powered straight from the battery..

Dashboard-BMW plug for heated jackets(bike and sidecar
Flood Lights on Bike and sidecar
Sidecar Tilt actuator

One Caveat tho:

Everything can be run: Heated vests in sidecar and bike; GPS; full flood lights on both appendages and whatever suits your fancy while motoring at 3000-4000+ rpm...but once going through Town and slowing is recommended that the flood lights/hi-beam be dimmed and/or you extinguish your heated vest for SHMBO.

In my travels I have never needed a higher battery or multi batteries. The Odyssey 535 served me very well with smart use of power needed.

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