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Are you sure you didn't end up with the Explorer helmet since you talk about the internal built in flip down sun shade? The Discovery doesn't have that?

Edit: Looks like they are calling the one the Explorer Discovery Adventure (cheaper one) and the other the Explorer Adventure (which has the sunshade)

Originally Posted by TH View Post
I got the Jacket, Pants, gloves and helmet about a week ago when they had it on sale (good till March 6).

The discovery helmet fit me shockingly well. I was totally impressed with how well it fit my head. I've been wearing an Arai Profile, and the discovery seemed just a tiny tadge bit rounder than the the Profile.

I wore it on a extended ride the other day and my thoughts (on a bike with a windscreen setup).
  • Fit well - no hotspots for me.
  • Internal built in flip down shade, worked better than I thought it would. I thought it was too light, but it worked well enough.
  • Main face shield is nice and thick. It gave a good view, didn't notice any annoying distortions, unless you looked out the very bottom of the shield where it curves to fit the helmet.
  • Ventilation - Does not appear to be real good. I'll have to try with the windshield lowered. My Arai has better ventilation.
  • Aerodynamics - No complaints. Didn't really seem to have any additional buffeting, worked well, even when I looked sideways.
  • Fogging - It was a cool day, it didn't fog up any worse than my Arai. As long as I lifted the visor at stops, it was fine. Once I was moving, if there was any fogging, it cleared up quickly.
  • Overall quality looked good, expecially for a $100 helmet. All the padding comes out so it can be washed.
If it holds up for a few years, it will definitely be worth the money. If it falls apart in a year or two, then I'll get frustrated with it.

I go the Pearl White as that is what they had in stock, works for me and is more visible than most helmets, except for the yellow or hi-vix one ones.
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