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Originally Posted by Heyload View Post
Stop at the end of my street, getting ready to turn right onto the main road. A cement truck is lumbering up the hill from my right, too close to pull out so I let him pass and pull out behind him.

One block later I see a black Dodge pick-up dart out from the right on the next cross street...and stop as he realizes he is about to literally get creamed by a cement truck. The cement truck locks it up trying to stop, I can see the tail end of the black truck sticking out just to the right of the cement truck as that big beast shudders and squals to a stop, smoke coming off the tires.

I reckon the cement truck stopped about a foot or two from the side of that Dodge truck.

I hope the driver of that Dodge knows how to get poo stains off of a car seat....

I've heard the term "Looks like it got run over by a cement truck"..I never expected to almost witness it literally happen.
FYI, it was a concrete truck, not a "cement" truck if it was hauling a rotating tapered cylinder on it's back. A "cement" truck would be an 18-wheeler hauling a trailer that carries and dispenses Portland Cement, usually a fine, grey powder, that is mixed with stone aggregate, sand and water to make concrete. Neither vehicle should be ignored while on the road, unless one is attempting a Darwin Award. Both carry very heavy loads and have long braking distances. Neither can manuver quickly, and concrete mixers have a high, constantly shifting center-of-gravity which makes them prone to rolling over.

Sorry for the rant. It's just one of those incorrect word usage things that happens to irritate me. Newscasters (newsreaders?) are the worst for this. Another one that makes me crazy is when someone reports that a vehicle "lost control" and had an accident. Where did the "control " go? As it resulted in an accident, one can assume that a lost "control" is dangerous. Have the police found it? Are they looking for it? How would a non-professional recognize a lost "control"? Should you report it to 911? If you loose the "control" on your vehicle, does it need to be replaced? Where is it located? Is it covered by warranty? Can you get a good replacement from a used parts emporium or does a replacement have to be new? OEM or aftermarket? What does it look like? Does it have a part number?

There. I feel better already.
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