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Wow, it's been two months since I updated this. Well, the little C70 has been up and running again for about a month and 500 or so miles now. It was funny when I took the old piston out I noticed that I had installed the second piston ring upside-down when I first rebuilt the engine about 6 years ago. The little mark on the side that faces up was almost microscopic on these piston rings. The crazy thing was it had been running like that for over 25,000 miles and it ran no different than any other Cub I have ridden. I made extra sure that the new rings went on right this time.

However, I am now in a mental dilemma over whether to even use the Cub for the trip. The length of my upcoming ride has increased dramatically from my initial plan. I originally was going to transport the C70 to the beginning of the TAT and then attempt to ride it to then end. Then I would transport it back to Texas. The more I think about it, I really want to ride a bike on the entire trip and will probably skip a lot of the western TAT, because the more I look at ride reports from the western half, the more I doubt that I currently have a bike that is truly capable of handling it. I want to ride from Texas to Georgia for the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Rally, which is only about 100 miles from the start of the TAT. After the rally I'll start the TAT in Tennessee to about midway through OK, then head north into Kansas to go visit a friend up there. I also want to go back to some of my old favorite riding destinations from when I lived in Kansas. Then I am most likely just going to wing it all the way to the west coast, probably ending up in Oregon or northern California. On the way back to Texas the only thing I want to visit for sure is the Grand Canyon and then head for home.

That brings me to bike choice. In addition to the C70, I also have a '80 Honda CB125S that runs very well, but would need some more work like wheel bearings, fork seals, and a few other things before I would consider it ready for a trip. I have all these parts, I just need to install them. The 125 can run 50-55 easy where the C70 will struggle to hit 40mph with me and my stuff. This still relegates me to state/county roads, but I think with the better speed of the 125 I will be able to enjoy the actual trip a lot more, verses constantly worrying about what sort of vehicle is bearing down ready to run me over.

Either way, the Honda got some needed attention and will be more ready for it's upcoming additional duties as a farm run-around vehicle when I go to New Hampshire.

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