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Death Valley invasion 2013

Febuary 2013, a great time to be in Death Valley California. Especially if you live in Michigan and your covered in snow. My name is Todd and eight of my friends decided to go have an adventure in the desert. Our journey begins in the suburbs of Detroit.

Since it is snowy and too cold to ride, I mount my KTM to the hitch hauler and make my way to Andy's garage.
We are assembling our bikes in our friend Andy's garage. Andy and my other good friend Btome have raced the Baja and their racing efforts have resulted in Andy aquiring what we like to call the booby trailer. This is the rig that will deliver our five bikes in Detroit and 3 more in the Chicago area to Death Valley. We will be going to Tecopa Springs where Traveltoad will meet us to begin the adventure.

Here we load the bikes into the booby trailer.

Andy rides a KTM 660 that was ridden by Charlie Russo in Dakar. His bike sounds like pure evil when he cracks the throttle. My KTM 640 is beside his.

Here is Btome's KTM 950 and Joe's Dog's Suzuki DR.

Here is the chase truck that tows the booby trailer.

We are all very fortunate that Andy lets us use his rig to tow eight bikes across the country. We will be flying to Las Vegas to meet our bikes the following week.

Once the bikes are loaded the truck heads west to pick up Bigtraillie's Honda XR650 in Jackson Michigan, and Radak, Mark, and Peter's bikes in Chicago. Radak rides Jonah Street's old Yamaha 450 rallye bike the Jonah rode in the Dakar. Mark rides a KTM 640, and Peter rides a KTM LC4.

It takes two and a half days for Mark to pull the rig across the country. We fly to Vegas and meet Trailtoad and Mark in Tacopa Springs.

Here is some of our crew.

We are excited to get the bikes out of the trailer after arriving late the night before.

Tacopa Springs like most Death Valley towns is only around because they have water.

Bigtraillie aka Matt with his XR. Do you wonder why it is called the booby trailer?

He is the only guy with a kick start only bike. We bust his chops constantly that he needs a KTM.

We all have big gas tanks except Joe and Matt.

Silly Honda. Kick,kick,kick.....

Bruno looks excited to start the trip.

Did I mention Matt and Joe's small gas tanks? They used these little bottles to store more gas.

We leave the truck and trailer to eat breakfast at the Crowbar.

We love to eat.

There is a museum next to the Crowbar.

Lots of desert stuff.

Once finished with breakfast we go back to the truck and wait for Traveltoad who is riding his KTM 950 from LA. Here is the spring at Tacopa.

Not much but water is water.

Here is Mark's 640 next to mine.

Aaron arrives on his 950.

Bruno fixes a leaky fuel line.

I can't stop taking pictures of my bike. I love it. This is the first time that I will be riding in the desert where this bike was ment to be.

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