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Originally Posted by mait View Post
Lars, 5 weeks to make the pistons was what I was told, too. I think we are in the middle of week 5 now. I'll shoot them an e-mail tomorrow.

About camshaft -
I think I'll give it a try to put SR43A camshaft in SR42B. I am quite sure there will be no mechanical conflict.
Like Wundis already pointed - I am curious too how the camshaft will act with different CDI (read: ignition timing) it was not designed to work with. I suppose it shouldn't be a problem, since many aftermarket cams are produced for BIGs and they don't care if it goes into SR41 or SR43, A or B model AFAIK.

And then there is another possible mod called tunable CD Ignition which allows you to design your own ignition curve in your computer
I hope these guys are still in business:
Look for section "SPARKER DC-CDI - capacitive ignition for 1 cyl. motorbikes" on their site.
I am not too serious about this mod right now but the idea has haunted me since I read SR43 had different ignition curve.
OK, over and out now. I think I am just overthinking and should get working on the bike finally. Snow is already melting here...
With ignitech you can the get rid of ignition power source coil and update stator to similar used on africa twin. In case you need lots of electricity (light, heated grips etc. Could be usefulle at least up here in nort...) But then you also need to have battery in good condition to have spark.

This is interesting choice for SR41 owners, since SR41 stator is avilable only from suzuki, . or then just re coil old one....

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