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It sits level in the garage with a small level on the subframe, I'd love an 145/80 profile winter tire, I'm going to see my tire guy today, the Firestone/Dunlop works surprising well but I'd like my 1" of height back.I may have to Nankang up and go after it with a tire groovier to make it courser.
I already did the speedo homework in the front wheel thread one needs a 17" speedo drive from a 1100 the 1150's are wider and then with the 65 series tire its the regular 4-5mph off.
The handling is great I was pounding right along on bad roads, I want to try preloading the swaybar a little.
Gears I hope your ready to make your engine spin a little harder(easier on things in the long run) with the 33/11 I'm running 42-4300 at 65mph (gps) since I have a new top end my engines tight again and will require some break-in.DB
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