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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
I was asking whether the problem with the CCT (noise, spring out of whack) was a warranty issue or not.

So let me ask this question differently:

If you have this noise at start up (and eventually it graduates to being there all the time) and you do nothing about it, is this going to create any damage to the engine?

If so, isn't this something that Triumph should take care under warranty?
If it did it all the time then yes. But as a previous poster noted, his did it on start up only and when he took his CCT out he found the spring on the CCT that puts tension on when there is no oil pressure (start up) to be out of placed. He popped the spring back into place and problem solved. That''s what I am hoping for as dropping the bike off etc... is a major hassle. If that is not problem with mine I'll consider taking it in. But yes, a bad CCT would be a warranty item.
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