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Just checked; yep, 8500, then rev-limiter.

On the plus side, the review says the bike loves to 'have its neck wrung' and Honda man Dave Hancock says it has the smoothest torque curver of almost any production bike.

That will either mean it's incredibly flexible, or incredibly boring, depending on what you want out of a bike.

And, just to restate this, the 500 series are explicitly aimed at the Euro A2 market. Honda make this plain. It is a 35Kw bike, rather than a 500cc bike (it's actually 471cc), meaning it is bang-on the power to weight ratio dictated by Euro regs.

Kawasaki did the same thing with the Ninja 250 here, and it sold by the bucket-load.

I'm not saying other regions shouldn't enjoy the 500, just that complaints about engine mods, or power, should be directed to law-makers in Brussels, not engineers at Honda.

The Euro regs mean that you cannot mess with the 'drive-train' of the bike unless it is approved (similar to German TUV type-approval).
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