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Eek Left of the side

I'm just curious, what is "left of the six" ?
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I certainly "get" the distraction factor, you come around a corner and find a cager partially into your lane, takes you a bit to get over that, and then "oh shit".

I get it.

Does not just happen to new riders.

This past fall, three of us were on our way back from a 3 day trip. I saw a guy in the oncoming lane starting to drift into our lanes. I strongly felt that the point rider saw it coming, or the SUV would miss him. I know I saw it coming and could avoid him or take the ditch (my KLR loves the ditch at speed ). My biggest fear was for my chum that was somewhere behind me, and was not sure he saw his potential fate.

Hearing multiple weak-ass bike horns simultaneously, I figured everyone knew what was coming. He missed us all, and I fixated on my rear view mirror, because I was convinced the guy had come all the way across and smacked a rock wall or ditched, but we continued on. For miles, I wanted to turn around and chase the bugger, but traffic was heavy. Took awhile to let go of it.
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