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We were trying the proto-type 1200 front wheel on a GS the other day a came to the realization that a larger tire than I have tried previously might fit in the stock forks. Just for fun I mounted a NOS German made 155R15 B.F.Goodrich GT-700 snow tire on the wheel. It was tight, with about 1/4" between the tire sidewall and the fork leg, but fit right in there with no trouble. Then I started wondering how big a tire I could stuff into my 1100 frorks. I mounted the same 155R15 on a 1100/1150 front wheel and tried it on my bike. I had to remove the lower fender, but it fit right on. I have now modified how my fender will mount, and trimmed the sides of the fender, more like the 1150 and 1200 models. IThe 155R15 is only about an inch smaller than the stock 19" tire. I think it's safe to assume that most any 145R15 tire and at least some 155R15 tires can be used on our front wheels and fit the 1150 and 1200 models. The use of a larger tire would get you some of that ground clearance back. The tire is so close to the diameter of the stock wheel that a speedo drive swap may not be nessesary on the 1100 and 1150's.
I was excited when you called and said that the 155 would work in the 1200. Now to find out that the 1100 and 1150 bikes will work also is excellent. Only downside is that your trail reduction with the 135 small diameter tire will be lost.

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