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Calm down young fellow (Claude), I got 3/16 on each side with the 145 but I imagine those Firestones are Coker repops and possibly smaller, its been my experience that tire sizes are irregular. I really like that 145/65 thing I have but may just put a 145/15 Nankang on there.The part I find odd is I had the front tipped way down now its about level(changed trail) and never has it offered any bumpsteer.Whats that about ?
Bump steer shoudl not be a facotr in either case, true bump steer. Low speed Headshake however is another story and frankly is a little unpredictable as some many factors come into play that may cause it.
The 135 tires are typically around 22 - 23 inches in diameter. The 165s are around 25" or more. So there is a difference in steering axis angel that takes place. We could go on and on about numbers but what works in th ereal world is wheat counts. Regardless, increasing the rolling diameter of the front tire will increase trail somewhat on all bikes except those with a true center hub front end. But that is an althogether different story.
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