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Originally Posted by WormShanks View Post
Dude, get some formal rider training. If you're new and really have had many "face plants" on the street then it's only a matter of time before it goes bad.
This is only my second incident on the street (5 months ago) and my first was within the first month of riding (over a year and 2 months ago)... it's captured on video too .

my other falls have been on dirt... and a staircase... but i digress....i do agree that a riding class would be a great idea. i'm actually planning on taking an off roading introductory class in a couple months. i can't wait to see their faces when i show up on a KLR; maybe i'll have my milk crate installed by then.

thanks for the advice everyone. i wasn't sure how this forum would respond to it but it seems to have turned out well
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