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Originally Posted by RideAbout View Post
New owner, stupid question....well, usually if I'm talking I'm saying something stupid!

Clutch Mod Short.... why does it work? When the clutch is out (normal riding mode) that circuit is already shorted. When the clutch is pulled in, it's open.

Does the ECU somehow sense that the circuit was open (taking off, shifting, etc...) and limit power until you reach 4th gear? I'm not questioning the mod....just cornfuzed why it makes a difference.

You have it backwards. When the clutch lever is out the circuit is open. It closes when the lever is pulled. Shorting the switch simulates the lever being pulled in. As to what the ECU does when it thinks the clutch lever is pulled in, we don't know for sure, but shorting the switch does seem to improve the bottom end throttle response with bikes that have not had the ECU reflashed.
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