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We leave the straff zone and head into the mountains to try and get to Scotty's Castle. It is getting late and the girls Kerry and Margaret are waiting there with the chase truck with gas. We rode along what can only be described as a riverbed until Aaron stops and gets off his bike. He runs up the hill and pulls a three gallon gas can filled with gas out of the sand. Joe and Matt fill up. Nice one Aaron. This would turn out to be an amazing good fortune that we would soon realize later.

We enter a huge gorge. See the bike in the middle of the picture?

Andy's 660 is so sweet.

Aaron and Radak.

It is getting late and our gas is getting low.

Bruno is concerned we are going to miss the girls at the Castle. We are 5 hours late.

Honey Badger don't care. Eat my dust!

So here is what you won't see in pictures. We race to Scotty's Castle, Mark is limping on a totaly trashed front rim. We are running out of gas. We are five hours late to our check point. We get there......

No girls. The park rangers are locking the gates. The place is empty.

We miss the girls by fifteen minutes. We need to get to the next desert town and it's 30 miles away. It is getting cold, dark, and we are screwed.

We empty the last mini can of gas into Joe's bike. We head off. Ten miles down the road Matt is out of gas. We siphon from Andy's rear tank. Head out, Aaron stops, is out of gas. Repeat, then Matt again, then Joe again. This time Joe had gotten in front of us and had pushed his bike three miles before we run across him again. We finally make it to the gas stop. Barely, cool, and still 30 miles away from our final destination in Penimint Springs. We do make it. What a day! We feast, drink Schleebovitz, drink some more Schleebovitz, the Eastern Euros love to drink Schleebovitz. I can't keep up and go to bed.

The next morning we look at Marks rim. His trip is over. We have no spare rims.

They have a breakfest buffet at the lodge. We bust it.

Hey! There is our gas!

Riders slowly get their gear on.

We ride to Ballarat in the desert.

They have one of Charlie Manson's trucks sitting outside. An old GMC 4x4.

I love old trucks.

Metal does ok in the desert, but not fabrics.

I want it.

The old guy in this building said that Charlie Manson and his posse used to steal cars and strip them out here.

That rusty little machine is a cinder block molder. Dump in the cement and the metal form opens up to make a block.

Play it again Aaron. That piano still worked.

Andy and Bruno get a cold pop. Ain't nobody got time for dat! Youtube...

The bikes are ready lets go!

We ride by a big salt lake and chloride mine? The head up into the first mountain pass of the day. We are off to see Barker's Ranch.

Never get tired of these cool gorges.

We are without Mark today. Sorry buddy.

A good GPS is a must. Garmin 176. The best for off road in my opinion.

Joe is the kind of guy who would give you his gloves in a snow storm.

Kickin ass and taking names.

We make it up a gnarly canyon to arrive at the gate.

Nice rest spot.

This house is were the police caught up with Charlie Manson and his crazy family of car theives and murderers.
It burnt down in 2009 unfortunately

What's in here?

We give the place a good inspection.

I wish I could have seen it before the fire.

Time to go.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It is not the destination, it's the journey.

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