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Regarding fuel: if the Rotopax 1.75 gallon/ 7 liter fuel tanks are available for a decent price down your way, I think you'd find them ideal, and superior to the Acerbis tanks. The Moto-Racks top rack is designed to accept the 1.75, and it would take a few very simple additions to the side racks to make them carry a 1.75 on either side. This would distribute the weight very nicely. The weight would be a little tighter to the bike also, as the Rotopax are thinner than the Acerbis tanks, and less expensive, also. They are very, very strong containers.

The actual capacity of the 1.75 Rotopax is closer to 2 gallons, or a little under 8 liters if you fill them all the way up.

This would give you your additional 22 - 24 liters of fuel.

I think your idea of how to carry water is well thought-out.

I'll fool around with the rack system in this configuration. I don't think it will be too much of a hardship getting the GL bag on the back of the seat and the fuel cans on the rack.

Remember, whiskey weighs less than Port. I hear that after years of having only imports and some truly vile local stuff, the Australian distilleries are turning out some first-rate product. Please don't get me wrong -- I find Penfolds a lovely little number (although I drink Warre's Warrior Porto or LBV by choice, when I can get it). Every ounce counts, though.



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G'day Canuman,

Perceptive questions, I'll see if I can answer them:
First off thanks for taking the time to consider this
I've still not fully decided how and where I'll carry the fuel on this bike(hence the questions). I have a 28l Safari tank and was thinking if the racks/Giantloop thing would work I would carry either 10l on each rack and a bit in a fuel bladder, or 2 Acerbis 5.5l accessory tanks (the square ones that are designed for putting on your triple clamps, a third Acerbis on the triple clamps and some in the fuel bladder, or build a front carrier that fits to the front engine mounting bolts and a few stud holes on the lower frame rails, that will carry another 5l fuel each side (a mate has built some and they work well - tested on the Canning!)
Re water, I have 2 Ortleib water bladders that I was going to chuck in the wings (lowest points) of the Great Basin that I already have. RE the other stuff I pack really light, generally less than 10kg for everything else.

I am also wondering about ways to take the strain off the subfame and have been considering a strut from the upper subframe mounting point at the front to the racks (under tension) to take some of the load off the subframe and put it back on the main frame.

I totally agree that all this weight is not ideal, but some of the Oz desert treks such as the Canning and the Anne Beadell necessitate 800+km of range, with limited water stops.

Check out this thread by a bloke I know, while I think he's pushing the limits a bit here, he's carried a heap of weight on a DRZ with good results (G'day Den..):

Hi Tom - apologies for the thread drift, but it's sort off relevant....


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