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Originally Posted by Bazgab View Post
BMW rep at Charlotte IMS said that no Premium Plus would be available with the 4-5 bikes each dealership is getting for launch (which will probably be in dealerships next week). This is speculation but the reason may be due to the LED light still getting DOT approval back when the bikes were being assembled, which was several weeks ago.

Stopped by my dealer today to take care of some other business and they said the same thing. They said you can never know with BMW and a few might end up as the Premium Plus models but they wouldn't hold their breath. Told me that bikes would be in the buildable phase soon and would be built in March/April with a delivery in April/May.
Wow- Thanks Bazgab. Heard about the LED approval speculation. My dealer also reported the 4-5 bike expectation... Sounds like my dealerships GM might be banking on the "you never know with BMW" option as he's told me my farkle rich option I dropped a deposit on was due with the first delivery. Either that or he's just feeding my anticipation... either way, I think I'll invite him to my next poker game. (unless of course he proves to be correct next week).

Could it be that they're uploading a software update for the premium plus? I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to put a wide range, including a full option, of models on the floor.
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