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Originally Posted by xathor View Post

I'm looking for a suitable upgrade from my 2009 WR250R that I have put a few thousand miles on.

We share a lot of similarities. 27, owners of WR250R's, like the bike but want more, especially torque.

I bought my WR new at the depths of the recession for $4K. I put 5000 miles - mostly off pavement on it. I liked it, but never loved it. I always thought it was too heavy for what it was. I started riding big dual sports on a Honda XL600R and still lusted for some torque.

I never had a good reason to get rid of it until I got engaged this year. Now that the bike is on my fiances finger I am left poking around an old XR600R - that I actually love. Simple, air cooled, kick start, lighter than my WR and will rip. Its not the solution to your problem - but it has been my stop gap.

I vacillate between the EXC500 and 690 - but at the end of the day I think I am going to go for the 500. The weight makes a huge difference. I try to stay off asphalt and I also am more of a base camper vs. epic long rides guy - so my situation may be different.

I don't think I would hesitate to strap on a Giant Loop and go riding for a week at a time on 500. The bikes are proving to be relaible. Anyways - thats my 2 cents fwiw.
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