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Originally Posted by Paulemery View Post
So i came home today to find my motorbike on its side with a broken brake clamp, mirror and fender and fuel everywhere. what made it worse was heavy cold rain, it was bitch to get back up because I haven't put the back wheel on yet, so i went and got the back wheel and sat there in the rain for 2 hours fighting my rear wheel and righting the bike, i'm concerned now that I have potentially damaged my rear wheel by putting it back together in the rain and dirt, if i take it apart when its dry and clean and grease it, will I be ok?

This might sound ridiculous, but I have worked so hard on this bike in shit conditions for weeks and to come home to this was upsetting. I must have had 15 cars come into the parking lot and not single one asked if I needed help. I suppose its an ignorant thought on my behalf that someone would help me and I am doing this trip alone so there will be plenty of time for me to wish I had a helping hand but this bike is getting a beating without me doing any miles.

sulk over
This was a test - congratulations, you passed!

Seriously though, take it all back apart when you've regained some patience and ambition and all will be fine.
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