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Well, it looks like I may be getting a Majesty. I was looking at $4000 scooters, in the 200cc range. But I just sold my '95 Goldwing today, after being on the fence about it for months, and now have another $4000 to spend. I've decided that Japanese is the way to go, for parts and reliability. The Majesty may seem expensive for what it is, but I was also seriously considering a Honda CTX700N at about the same price. The Majesty would be more comfortable and no shifting. After doing some research, there is really not much else available. The Burg 650 is simply too big, not much smaller than the 'Wing, which I was having issues with in tight spots and parking lots. The 400 is a lot more expensive, and has ABS, which I DO NOT WANT.

I checked all the maxi scooters several months ago. The Silverwing was the best fit, with it's cutouts in the floorboards for your legs. But I just checked Honda's site, the priced has not been released yet, but it is not available without ABS, something I don't want, and that would make it a lot more expensive than I want to pay.

I considered Vespa, Piaggio, and Kymco. Vespa is simply too expensive (GTS300 Super), the Piaggio BV350 is about $1000 less, but you would lose a good part of that in additional fees because it is being sold by a Vespa/BMW dealer, it's 50cc less, and I'm not sure about parts availability. The Kymco Xciting 500 is the same price, has 100cc more, unfortunately it is not available without ABS. And while I have nothing against Kymco, I won't pay the same price for a Kymco as I would a Yamaha.

So, the Majesty is pretty much it for a maxi. I definitely want new, because I intend to ride the wheels off it. And I will maintain it properly from the very beginning. And it would almost certainly be my last new bike. Three things I don't like about the 2013 Majesty is the dark color that shows dirt and scratches so easily, the wide floorboards, and then there is the $600+ valve adjustment, which while only needed every 26,000 miles, is a bit much. That would be about 2 years riding for me.

Time to do some serious negotiating with the dealers, and see what I can come up with. I AM NOT paying an extra $1000 in freight and setup fees.
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