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Originally Posted by error cooled View Post
I never had a good reason to get rid of it until I got engaged this year. Now that the bike is on my fiances finger I am left poking around an old XR600R - that I actually love. Simple, air cooled, kick start, lighter than my WR and will rip. Its not the solution to your problem - but it has been my stop gap.

I vacillate between the EXC500 and 690 - but at the end of the day I think I am going to go for the 500. The weight makes a huge difference. I try to stay off asphalt and I also am more of a base camper vs. epic long rides guy - so my situation may be different.

I don't think I would hesitate to strap on a Giant Loop and go riding for a week at a time on 500. The bikes are proving to be relaible. Anyways - thats my 2 cents fwiw.
Man ... that is one CLEAN XR600R. Beauty! I agree on the 500 ... and I'm with you on your base camp ... long loop style. We do the same. Do this in the Sierra but also in Baja. We move every couple days to new town and ride day loops. Awesome. Leave all the crap in the Motel. (or camp)
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