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Originally Posted by Boismj03 View Post
Hey Lost,
I am really enjoying this thread, alot of great info on here. I got a CRF 250 L a couple days ago and I am really liking it.. a couple of questions for ya:
Which Airhawk pad are you running?
Also I am looking at risers and bars for my LRP.
Did you have any issues with cable lengths for your Rox 1.5" risers?
Also curious about the bazzaz mapping!

Welcome to the club!

We're running the AIRHAWK Cruiser Pillion pad, depending on how big your ass is, it works very well. I have a couple Medium Cruiser pads for other bikes and would use them on the LRP if I wasn't a skinny Euro sized guy...

No issues with cable lengths with the ROX risers and KX High Protaper bars, though I do reroute the clutch cable to the rear of the triple clamp. i think I posted about it way back when I did it, you can do a thread search if need be.

I'm also curious about what Bazzaz will do for the LRP, if past experience is any indication it will be a substantial improvement. Bazzaz is a highly respected FI tuner, the only one I'd consider to put on my bikes after getting to know the guys in the R&D department and seeing their shop. These guy live it.
I will be out of town until the 11th, when I get the LRP back I'll be sure to share my experiences. I believe Bazzaz will be doing the testing/tuning with an aftermarket slip-on pipe, and I have done the cost free air box mod, opening up the intake, so I'll need to decide if I keep the OEM exhaust or go with the slip on they used to tune the bike.
I HATE loud bikes, it's a nuisance to everyone and doesn't help promote our sport to non-riders and is very counter productive to helping keep our trails open. It will be a hard decision and only if there's DB-killer quiet inserts available for what they use will I consider keeping it...
Either way an improvement in power at a low cost with little effect on reliability or the option to choose maps for better MPG when getting Lost is good by me.

More LRP action!~

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