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Well, how do you guys feel about $ 25.00 a piece spark plugs ? But more to Sid's point, list price on a BMW drive belt is $ 434.00.....below is the price page for Harley drive belts. Bigger belt and more than 50% less. The list price price for the starter for my1100 GS was $ 304.00 I think. I paid $ 195.00 for the exact Valeo starter from a different source. And got 2 free oil filters. Ya, BMW's costs more cuz they are better right ? I understood Sid's point...I don't think you did.
I for one don't get the point of going on and on about deal breakers and things you don't like about a new motorcycle. There's a very simple way of not paying $400 for a new belt. Don't buy the motorcycle that uses that belt. Same goes if you think the bars are to low, pegs too high, not enough wind protection, didn't hold enough gas....

If I was interested in this bike, and I am, I'm not going to suddenly decide to buy a Harley because the belt costs 50% less

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