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Originally Posted by 10/10ths View Post
How do you figure they are, "Taking advantage" of you because the belt is $400?

How many of these belts do you think they sell globally every year?

Have you ever tried to mass produce a motorcycle belt that last 25,000 miles in all conditions, globally, and make a profit?

They are a business. You understand the concept of profit, right?

Do you live in Russia?

So, you would drop $15,000 for this BMW, but then complain because the zero maintenance belt, that required NOTHING from you for 24,000 miles, and allowed you super quiet operation, no oiling, and was lighter than a shaft drive, and had zero "shaft jacking effect", cost $400 after 24,000 miles?

A new chain a sprockets is at least $200 installed for quality parts. The darn belt isn't a whole lot more. and you are spreading that cost out over 24,000 miles.

Man, you folks are a surly bunch.

It never ceases to amaze me how people will drop a huge amount of money on a very complex machine like a motorcycle or car and then complain about maintenance costs.

You folks are like the tools that buy a Dodge Viper and then complain that the tires cost $500 each and only last 10,000 miles. It's a VIPER!

You want lower operating costs? Buy a freaking Honda Scooter and STFU!

Want a bunch of Marys.

Oh puhleeze.

If I've spent all my frigging hard earned money on a $20,000.00 motorcycle in the first place, and then come to find out it's shit, the parts are outrageously expensive and never in stock anyway, most of them are carefully insured to be proprietary and not available elsewhere, let alone for a price that is at least reasonable, the maintenance is insanely priced, the dealers are shit, the warranty is shit, I'm now labeled a communist tool and a moaner, who should stfu and go buy a scooter?

Maybe you happily take things up the arse without complaint, comforted in the belief that the manufacturer's profit is well and truly the most important issue, when you are sitting at home with your $$$ bike that is not rideable again, waiting for parts that you have to pay through the nose for.

I don't.

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