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Originally Posted by Jltrd View Post would spend 20K on something without first doing some research on it...must be nice to have that kind of money to throw away. You do know that maintenance/parts costs are not a secret right?

Oh ya, absolutely. I have tons of money. That's why I was so pissed. I'm stupid that way.

Duh! I don't have 20K just laying around to spend on a whim. I had to be very careful on how I could make payments, what I had to juggle finance-wise, what to do without, all so I could hopefully enjoy my beautiful finely crafted German machine, that I would have for many years to come.

I did what I thought was more than due diligence for my research into the bike.

I admit I was naive in my expectations about "BMW quality" "craftsmanship" etc., but based on all you twits that shit on everyone who DOES complain about getting a raw deal on a bike, acting like they are a tiny minority who is just bitching, WTF are people supposed to do, other than try and make the best informed choice they can, at the time?
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