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Originally Posted by nigelcorn View Post

Thanks for the tip on the thermostat, I'll check it out. I've read that can be a common problem with these bikes, particularly the earlier ones. I have read of some people just taking the thermostat out, and then making sure it gets a good 5 minute or so warmup before taking off. Any thoughts on that?

I know the best would be to buy a new thermostat, but if we hypothetically pretend that my wife hates motorcycles and the less I have to spend on this one, the happier she'll be--would it be ok to take out a stuck thermostat and just warm the bike up really good before riding it?

It'll run even cooler and carbon up worse without the thermostat in there. Search for the NAPA part number, it's cheap to put a new stat in it and it runs better with it.
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