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Originally Posted by moodfart View Post
Is there a real reason why we don't have those little diesels in the us? I'd buy one it a heartbeat.
Here's the reason as I understand it. Prior to '06 the US had about zero emissions regs on diesels. So the soot spewing and good mileage was plentiful. However, once the tighter regs from EPA kicked in post '06 we went from 0 regs (for all practical purposes) to the most stringent in the world. This forced practically every auto maker out initially and made the diesel PU market get ridiculous EGR systems that radically overcomplicated a simple engine, killed the good mileage, and led to all sorts of reliability issues (see Ford 6.0 pre EGR in school buses vs. post EGR in PU - what a train wreck).

Anyway - now that high gas costs have affected the love for the big V8s and the demand for small diesels might actually exist - nothing out there can be readily dropped in and meet the regs. I don't know if Europe has the same regs as we do now - and I wonder about that since Ford is bringing in the 5-cyl diesel in the new transit from Europe and Dodge is bringing in the VM Motori in their new take all this with a grain of salt (or two)
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