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Originally Posted by Dirtyboydeadly View Post
Is that a tax disc holder with an in date tax disc in it??? Well well well isn't that a novel idea. Actually displaying a tax disc on your bike My pin board in the kitchen is getting rather full of tax discs
Well, barely in date, but yes. I find that PC Gonemad is already happy enough to pick on whatever he can if & when he stops me thinking I'm one of those twats that ride around Walton Court on scrap bikes* so I prefer not to give him the option of writing me a 30 'Failure to display road fund license' ticket when he pulls me over to erroneously examine my exhaust for E marks or measure my plate incorrectly on purpose etc.

Of course I can't have tax disks on a pinboard in the kitchen because 1) - It wouldn't go with the wallpaper, and B) - PC Gonemad may consider my number plate to be 1mm under size like he did last time and give me the line that 'It doesn't show up on my ANPR screen & I can't see a disk so I'm taxing you by fixed penalty ticket without a court hearing or evidence just to piss you off because I am Judge Dredd'**, and then try & call out their 266 a time recovery contractor to cart the bike off for an inspection like he did the time before last.

I'm only glad that I've not come across PC Gonemad when he's had a 'Police:STOP' camera team with him like that poor sap who's on repeat on cable getting stopped round the corner from your place with excessive amounts of Viagra & Nunchucks all stuffed down his trousers. How is Dermot these days? Now, would I be right in imagining that there's a date set for Shiny Knobs Night at the Fuckingemshite Shiny Kwaka Z1 Club? 19th June?

I jest, it is of course a lovely gathering of varied & beautiful machinery & not a few strange bolt jockeys - held in a lovely pub where the Prime Minister likes to leave his daughter - and the bike annual event is an evening which never fails to give a pleasant evening of browsing the wide array of bikes that attend and provides a fine opportunity to Yank a few chains I will not try, for a third time, to get a Rat/Scrap cup initiated. Instead I will again just park in the middle of a line of identical BSAs or RD400s or by a G50 Race Special & let my rust infect them

Of course, I think I speak for a good sized bunch of us all when I say that I wouldn't mind paying road tax if it was spent filling in some of those holes up there on the roundabout by you with something that lasted more than 3 days... Each reader please insert your own version of an 'All Administrative Government & Justice Doesn't Work' based rant & each fill in your own specific examples & reasons as to 'How & Why It Is All Shit'.

The road surface of the Roundabout just up the road from the DBD abode...

* I am, of course, a twat. Just not that specific variety.
** They nearly are

Re ** I refer the reader to

...using the wrong spanner since 1964... ...Electronically begging for a rebuild via

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