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Eek good point...

Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
Take if from a guy who's family has at nothing else, gave 100's of people their first ride on a trials bike.

1 Make sure bike is pointed away from anything solid or valuable. when they are standing up, they'll twist the throttle, Instantly it can go downhill from there.

90% of riders are used to 1, setting down, 2 high gear bikes that wont "throw them back" when they twist the throttle. so make dang sure they keep a finger on the clutch to save themselves, because they will "feel like they are falling backwards on first blip of throttle, which causes them to get even more throttle.

I privately bet myself how "out of control" the first "throttle blip" for anyone's first trials bike ride will be.... It is kind of fun, I think I'm 30 for 30.
You could be quite right, even with my wifes bike being a Gas Gas 125 it will still likly happen. Will be intresting to see what happens. (maybe I should put him on my Daughters Beta Rev-80.)

This dose give me an excues to get some hand gards for her bike as she is also a beginner and dosn't want to be replacing her levers all the time... in fact I am going to just do that this weekend.
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