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Not just yet...

I waited years to buy my first 990. Early ones were just too high for me. After the 2010 was stolen, I got a 2011 with the R map. The bike is a joy. But when I study it carefully it always looks like it sits too low for perfect geometry. The 990R, with taller suspension seems perfectly poised (though too tall for me). But the new bikes, the 1190's, seem better proportioned for shorter riders. I think KTM squashed my 990 a few inches, so it would appeal to more riders... but it makes it look a bit odd sometimes.

The logical outcome of this sort of thinking is the new 1190. I know it is not just about overall proportions - there's more power, longer range, complex electronics and easier maintenance on the new bike. But in the end, the market demands... and companies need to listen to survive. KTM have always had the kudos... the new bike will harness this with extra creature comforts and, I suggest, will catapult them into mainstream success. Something that might irritate some of the individualists in OC (possibly me included).

There is a lot to like on the new bikes except... the bloody ordinary looking tank, the silly low exhaust pipe and the subtle blandness that has descended, like a shroud, over the whole design. And yet, I keep going online and checking it out. I will be having a test ride asap!

But I simply haven't had enough time with my 990 to want to move on to its new sibling. So much of Europe still to explore and so much potential still untapped by me in the 990. It will be interesting to see how current 950/990 owners will feel when riders pass them on the new bikes on tarmac. Pride? - I think not? Envy? - maybe more than they'd like to admit. Desire? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime I'm planning my first trip to the Stella rally this summer. If anyone wants to ride along from the UK let me know.
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