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Thanks for all the comments and great suggestions...

Originally Posted by terryjj1 View Post
WOW!...WOW...and more WOW!...this is what my bike is meant for..this is going to be my trip for 2015....excuse my ignorance...death valley.. Arizona right?......what type of specialty gear did you need to bring?......cactus, poisonous snakes, no cool.....
Hey Terryjj1,

I've evolved my adventure riding alot since I did this trip. I use soft luggage, bring way more tools, proper tire repair and more stuff that I never need. One great suggestion I've read about is to always carry confortable running shoes in the event of an irrepairable breakdown. And a portable solar blanket. Always over prep the bike before hand. Pack strategically... but the lighter the better.

Plan for less fuel economy then normal.

And drag along a friend if you can. You get more photos that way.
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