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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
hope customs don't give you any hassle in Miami, i was sent to steam clean my bike before i could ship it, i was told customs are clamping down a lot on dirty bikes...good luck and be prepared for culture shock, its weird being back in the US

It is weird being back in the US. After some hassle at MIA (Like who knew you can no longer exchange Argentina Money in the USA by law) That explains all the black market activity in BA. Warning, if you are leaving Argentina, change your money to USA bills before you leave. It took about an hour to find a motel shuttle that would actually pick me up at MIA. I waited an hour and a half in line at passport control after about 30 hours of traveling. I thought there was a law against cruel and unusual punishment.

The dirt on my bike is just road grime from the two really wet days riding into Buenos Aires. I like would have sprayed it somewhere given the opportunity, but in the end it went in a van to the BA airport. I hope it doesn't cause a lot of trouble today. I want to go to Key West.

I found someone who is going home to NB out of the camping area where my inlaws stay in Zypherhills. He is hauling a car north on a trailer and has etra room for my bike. Yay! He will take it right to my hometown, Saint John, about 90 miles from Shediac, for 200 bucks. He doesn't leave until March 15 but has a place to keep my bike in the meantime

I could have picked better weather in South Florida for the next three days rain and 10 to 15 degrees below average temperatures. Oh well! It is what it is. 80 degrees by Thursday, the day I'm likely to fly home to the snow.

Ride safe Paul!

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