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Originally Posted by jonnyc21 View Post
You could be quite right, even with my wifes bike being a Gas Gas 125 it will still likly happen. Will be intresting to see what happens. (maybe I should put him on my Daughters Beta Rev-80.)

This dose give me an excues to get some hand gards for her bike as she is also a beginner and dosn't want to be replacing her levers all the time... in fact I am going to just do that this weekend.
Well, I'm talking about experience, it only takes 1 time for 99 of 100 riders to "get over it". I guarantee you EveRYONE's first try and 1st twist while standing up, their face looks like this

you know, We kind of see the same thing, when people get into a pickup we had, that has that "granny" first gear... you just touch the throttle with any engine while in granny 1st, the truck freaking lurches.

Our trials bikes are geared this way, so being aware, and telling your test rider what is going to happen, and how to save themselves, saves silly crashes...

Just sayin....
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