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Cam Impingement Issues of the Hip

Does anyone here have a Cam impingement issue in your hip or has anyone had the surgery for it? This is all new to me and I wanted to hear from others who are familiar with it.

My hip has been hurting when I play sports and ride motorcycles. Was diagnosed recently with a FAI Cam Impingement. It has created damage in hip socket cartilage, including a hole all the way to the bone in one spot. Currently undergoing a round of physical therapy to try to improve. If that doesn't work, the surgeon recommend arthroscopic surgery to remove the cam lesion and to clean up the cartilage. Plus doing micro-fracture of the hole in the cartilage to try to encourage growth of "scar tissue" cartilage.

After staying out of sports for a few weeks and going to physical therapy, it is feeling a good bit better.
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