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My Dad's a old RTL NUT! was his favorite bike, Now he's bonkers for a 4rt. I've offered to buy him a new raga or beta but he wants "A Plunker" So...
A few questions;

-HRC&Monty don't Import anymore?
-Are all these bikes I'm seeing are left overs from the halcyon days? or...
-grey market?

-Ebay UK is brimming with these babies, I made some calls, got some quotes&rates...and came up with all this.

IF someone was so inclined. he could cherry pick the ebay stragglers in the UK for $4-8k US a pop (8 bike min to be financially feasible)

> Bust the engines out and ship them back separately as frames and power units (To bypass some King George BS)

>Reasemble stateside, post customs

> At $6-10K for a bike (used) over here. Figure the guy would make $800-1800 on each bike for his trouble provided he could sell them.
Which brings me to my next point

-Is there a real market here for these bikes, I mean are there guys combing the web and driving 1000mi cross country to get them? Or are they just an exotic oddity?

Surely I'm not the 1st one to look at this!
Would be the Nichiest Niche market ever....or a terrible farce, either way thoughts?
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