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Originally Posted by Spikehead View Post
Do you have decent sounding files of both LP's?
Not those "Depends"...depends on if you're an audiophile or not!

While I think they sound great, the critic in me is aware that they're not perfect. The first time I listened to them, I could close my eyes and it almost felt like I was in William's Pub (except for the lack of peanut shells on the floor, background noise, cigarette smoke in the air, and the dazzling array of drink choices. Oh, and that they sounded quite different when playing live). But otherwise, it was just like.

I also scanned the album covers to use as artwork for my iPod. About a year or so later, I discovered 'stitching' software. That would have saved a bazillion hours of incompetently fooling around with photo editing software. It looks good though!

They are however, far better than not having them! If you'd like to give 'em a listen, PM me or something. I'm not always logged in though, so it could take a while to get an answer (or not).
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