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Welcome to Kosovo now some might say it is in Serbia but dont go telling the Kosovans they wont like it. They have their own border controls own insurance which by the way only cost 15 Euro for 2 weeks and the office is right their at the border so no dramas and became the 195th independant country in 2008 according to the UN.

The border control guys are really welcoming a nice first impression into Kosovo. Oh by the way on the way out of Montenegro there was a border post with no Albanian border control and same here no Albanian exit border control just the the Kosovan side so not sure if you need to buy any insurance for Albania, I guess at 13 dollars for a month its hardly going to break the bank and you never know it might come in handy, ahahahah on second thought as if an insurance company in Albania are going to help you if you have a prang that if they even exist, im pretty sure it would be better to get up and hightail it out of the country as fast as you can. Trust me they want know if you have come or gone lol

Welcome to Prizren Kosovo

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