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Wondering if there is a state that issues hunting licenses without the NRA safe hunter education. I got mine 45 years ago and by not renewing my hunting license in CT for over 5 years (I went six) I can't get the license again without going to class again and they are near impossible to get into here. Limited and not offered often. I have old licenses from CT but they are older than 5 years. Same with bowhunting, I have those too, but I have to take the course again. I think if I have a license from another state, I can get the CT license again.
That's pretty ridiculous. Wouldn't you have to have a resident license from another state then sorta make believe you just moved to CT and want to get your res. license there? Been a few years but I believe PA will sell you non-resident license without proof of a hunter safety course, I think maybe I had to sign something that I had passed a HS course. Always brought my NJ license along but don't recall ever being asked for it. Good luck
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