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As per standard slow progress. But hey ive bought a new(ish) notebook. Then im able to communicate with normal letters again. Heyhooo

Regarding the bike its still at the dealer. I have no idea if its good or bad, I assume its not good, but maybe its just KTM scandinavia or Austria whom is a bit slow in respoding. Thursday im back at normal workpace and will have a chat with him.

In the mean time the mailman has been here a couple of times.

Peg "enhancer"


New HID system, i cant make it work with the original headlight assembly. Will be creative and make my own system.

Looks good but in my opinion i cant make it offroad worthy. To much vibration will kill the mounting points.

Heat protective selfadhesive stuff for the tanks.

Will be testing the 320mm mount. Im still hunting the single setup.

Trying a cheap 320mm disc for start and ill work from there.

Loads of 300mm discs not needed anymore...

A little decorative help in the garage.

Second fan mounting stuff and ITG air filter oil.

Got the added fan wired to the original cable. Thanks Svane.

Behold the beautyness....

Ive been trying to renovate the old standard 21/18 setup. The rear is good enough and ready to go tubeless, but the front is just super smashed up. Hmmm looking for options. Then again im not in a hurry as ive got plenty of wheels on hands. Still waiting for CJs 17/17 spacers and brake converter.

Thats it for now.
A little look into the future.
Beside bike need to get the ECU/immo solved, stuff needed to be done is:

1 - Safaritanks welding. Ive got a connection which is ready to jump the tanks when needed be.

2 - The exhaust needs to be done and my contact should be ready within a week to do this.

3 - My HID conversion should also be done, but i need to build the plate where the projectors should fit in. For that I need the bike...

4 - Lots of small details im not aware of will also be popping up, but that is small stuff compared to what ive seen so far.

Denmark is bathed in the most beautyful weather right now and im sure the last stuff will get sorted. I may even have a bike to ride within a month or so.

I would like to thank Pete640 for being insanely kind. Story is that i he contacted me and offered the reartanks in carbon/kevlar. Thank you Peter, not only have you been very kind and most of all patient, but you build some extremely beautyful stuff. Looking forward to test these tank.

Theantipaul has provided the HDB setup in the early start of the project, but the he also shipped free of charge a schotts submount he had laying around at no charge at all. Thank you.

Svane has been the greatest help of them all. Patiently he has been showing up everytime when needed.

I fucking love this place. Advrider really is a great place to wander.

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