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I'm in for the duration this winter, as I was last year. Last year I was on Maxxis 6006 tires because that's what was on the bike when I bought it. In June I put on Kenda 270s, kind of a 70% dirt 30% street tire. I only go about 500 miles per month. My bike, 1982 Honda XL250R, has no power and no brakes so tires last a lot longer for me than for most riders. I'm on pace to get 9000 miles out of these tires and change them in late spring.

My commute is 4 miles, about 3 of which can be interstate if I want but when its slick I take residential streets to avoid traffic. I'm not worried about crashing so much as I am about being crashed into.

Friday it snowed about 3 inches. the knobs kicked ass and hooked up fine. Saturday morning it was 7 degrees F, I could have ice skated home. (I work 3rd shift) Pure glare ice all 4 miles. I'd have loved screws. Yesterday most of the ice melted and re-froze in spots. Tonight there will be mostly dry pavement and only spots of black ice in the shaded areas. Screws would be totally wrong. Studs sound interesting but during the long streches of dry weather we get, they'd just grind away to nothing before the next storm comes. So I use the bare rubber for everything.

I'd love to know more about the electric visor. How much current does it draw? How does it work?
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