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Originally Posted by funsummer View Post
A more skilled rider would have seen potential for this to happen.

His solution would have simply been to wheelstand the length of the street.
The added safety of having a elevated viewing platform (stand up wheelie) would allow him to better vision into the darkness.
The potential impact area would also be 50% less as only 1 wheel at the level of said rabbit.
His headlight shinning into the sky? No vision due to the darkness i hear you mumble?
Skilled riders only ride at night with night vision glasses.
Everyone knows that..
45mph, Ha
that is way to slow for a skilled rider.
He has done his calculations, he is aware that when entering such streets with kamikaze animals that the time must be minimized and the element of suprize used to best effect.
90 mph would have halved his time in enemy territory.
I hear your questions again?
its to fast you say..
What if he reduced his speed to 15mph....
Well a skilled rider is very aware of the territorial chasing dog.
To slow and those dangerous unleashed dogs will chase you down and bite your tires till you are rendered immobile.
So keep an eye out for skilled riders, there commonly seen at race tracks, and emergency wards.
Visiting unskilled riders of course!!
lighten up everyone
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